Robby Barrat




With his passion for GANs and interest in art history, Robby Barrat creates AI generated portraits by training the program with thousands of nude oil paintings. In AI Generated Nude Portrait 7 Frame 69 and Frame 119, the colors are strikingly flesh toned imbued with gold, red, amber, bronze, and yellow. 

The lines are softly curved like human limbs, shadowed with muscles and ligaments, contorted and shaded like the human body. The abstract shapes taunt the mind to discern just what part of the nude body is featured in the portrait, but the colors and shadows evoke a visceral sense of beholding the human form in all its strange, unsettling beauty. 

In Frame 119, there is purple and black design drawn within the fleshy tone of the body, suggesting an indepth look at the muscles, tissue, and organs of the body. The colors and shadows are reminiscent of oil paintings of old masters in oil paint, Rembrandt, DaVinci, but the subject matter is strikingly new and unusual. The eyes are drawn close to this fleshy, amorphous being. This intimate experience with the raw, skin exposed, rich colored image is enhanced by the zoomed in nature of the image, providing a closeness.