Queens + Kings

Q+K #3737

Q+K #3735

Q+K #3736

Q+K #3732

Q+K #3728


Created by Hackatao and NFT Studios, Queens + Kings declares “we are all sovereigns of our creative realm. We crown ourselves. Our kingdom is the metaverse that we create for ourselves.” Allowing collectors to add traits to their unique royal figures, the collection allows for an immersive and creative experience with interchangeable traits that are randomly allocated and algorithmically generated. Collectors have full freedom to customize, disassemble and assemble as they hack the avatars and create their own dominion via art creation and manipulation. 

Q+K 3737 features a queen with plum colored hair, black holed eyes, a black crown, and a tell tales mouth that is open in mid-speech. Her dress is burgundy with stable coin dots and in the glam style. In fact, the list of features runs as long one’s arm per category, with eyes ranging from beaming in 3735 where they are wide and sparkling and framed with a sunburst. The varying crowns are eclectic and representative of different kinds of regalities, such as the freedom crown reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty in 3736 paired with a rare regal high-collared black and gold brocade dress. 3732 takes on a wicked fairy tale theme against a turquoise backdrop with evil eyes and black HTao Passion crown with dark hearts. Her glowering eyes and black cape conjure Snow White’s wicked stepmother, suggesting there is a world of story amidst the varied style and features. Collectors are encouraged to amass a great amount of traits so that they can dress and change their kings and queens or use the traits in other capacities. With so many choices and features and styles, an entire kingdom is created in which the artist is the sovereign and has control over the creation and profligeration of the royals that live within it.