Non Either
Rafaël Rozendaal









When witnessed for the first time by a five year old, the reaction to Rafael Rozendaal’s Non Either collection: “Ooh! Balloons!” In fact, there is something bright and balloon-like about his creations and the airy way in which they float and move in globular gracefulness. Ranging in colors of free, mono, dark, and kight, with compositions that are either chaos, spiral dense, or spiral, these pieces convey the motion of circles, in and out and adapt to any screen size. 

In Non Eithers 79, 87, and 82, the composition is chaos and the colors are free, which incorporate a mix of both types of dark and light spheres. While the first two move inward, 82 moves outward, a constant blossoming of new spheres that move infinitely, suggesting the birth of new spheres, while the ones that move inward close in upon each other until they are hidden and lost and replaced by an invasion of new ones. 79 and 82 are similar in color, red, blue, and green, and 87 is red, purple, and lavender. 22 and 46 are dark colored spheres, each one containing a black sphere at the heart, like tiny pupils in wide-staring eyeballs. 

The patterns are different in Non Either 55, which boasts a spiral composition, and a dense spiral characterizes 36. This alters the shape altogether as the spheres flow in the direction of a swirl so that they appear like half-moons curving into one another in a graceful, varicolored dance. The colors are resplendent, pink, purple, blue, green, gray, periwinkle, salmon, magenta, teal, all haloed with white shading. Reminiscent of swirls created by the Fibonacci Sequence, the spirals are in continuous and eternal motion, creating a hypnotic and lulling effect.