Chromie Squiggle








Declaring them to be his personal signature and the embodiment of ArtBlocks, artist Erick Calderon, aka Snowfro, uses generative algorithms to create Chromie Squiqqles. Appearing like bright colored worms from wonderland, these squiggles are churned out from a set of variables and parameters that allow for infinite possibilities. Capped at 10,000, only that amount of them exist, 9270 of which have been minted to date. Ranging from a variety of types, normal, slinky, fuzzy, ribbed, bold, pipe: each one then exhibits a range of possibilities regarding their varying color spread, color direction, height, number of segments, and start and end colors. 

For example, Chromie Squiggle 6 and 30 are standard types with a normal spectrum of colors, made up of pink, red, orange, yellow, neon green, the traditional colors of a rainbow popsicle with a wide color spread. This creates a thicker squiggle with a height of 3, making it resembling the readings from an electrocardiogram reading signals of the heart of a colorful clown. 

Even more varicolored are Chromie Squiggle 96 and 3199 have a HyperRainbow spectrum with only a 0.5 color spread, making it thinner and brighter as the colors are tighter and include red, yellow, blue, pink, green, teal. 96 has a color direction that goes in reverse while 3199 moves forward, making one appear to be slithering out of the image while the other makes a hasty retreat. Chromie Squiggle 66 includes a full spectrum of colors, beginning with shades of aquamarine, green, yellow, chartreuse, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue. The spread is 15 and the line is thick and smooth as if done with vibrant marker or paint. Though there are similarities between the squiggles to be sure, they are each distinctly unique, illustrating the glorious power of algorithmic possibilities for generative art.